Who We Are

PureTurbos.eu originated from our interest in BMW petrol turbocharged cars.

Few years ago we started building our own F20 M135i from stock up to 550hp/775nm over several years and enjoyed it on sprint events taking down higher powered cars as they challenged us. The key into making a fast car is to make the power usable. It's no good to have big torque down low if you don't have the grip to use it. Further more doing weight reduction is also very important for the overall performance of the car.

So over the years we did testing for several manufacturers on our own cars. (Pure Turbos, Fuel-IT, BurgerTuning, Pro Tuning Freaks, Wagner Tuning) This allowed us to gather a lot of data and put it to good use. We promoted our 1 series and its results on various fora, youtube and other internet media. We are currently doing something similar with our F80 M3.

Over time more and more people have gotten to know us and asked if we could help them to get similar performance from their car.

So here we are now with our own shop where we can provide customers with tuning packages, upgraded turbos, intakes, downpipes, intercoolers, fuel upgrades,... We strive to provide valuable feedback and advice to our customers. All projects are different and require a different approach. We sit together to discuss the best upgrade path possible based on the customers wishes and budget. We explain in detail what is required, what is possible and what to expect.

This allows us to deliver each project to match or surpass the customers expectations.