G87 single midpipe

G87 single midpipe

F97/F98 X3M/X4M Signature Equal Length Midpipe

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**This product is a part of the Active Autowerke Motorsport Collection. It is for RACE and OFF-ROAD USE ONLY!

At the repeated requests from our customers, Active Autowerke is pleased to release the first ever Signature Equal Length Mid-Pipe for the BMW X3M and X4M. This brings our expertise with building the first equal length mid-pipe from the F8X and G8X M cars to the X3M and X4M SUVs. It provides a more aggressive and sweeter high revving tone to the stock exhaust.

While these SUVs have received rave reviews for their performance, the sound is a muffled one leaving the driver to wonder if they are really driving a BMW M vehicle. In order to solve this, Active Autowerke has created a full exhaust system for the X3M/X4M which comprises a choice of two midpipes - either a single midpipe or this new equal length midpipe, a rear axle-back valved exhaust and a set of GESI catted downpipes. Together, this remake of the stock exhaust results in a X3M/X4M with an amazing sound. You will feel like you are driving a true M-car.

This exhaust system upgrade was designed and engineered to work with most after-market exhaust systems/mufflers on the market today with only a single cut needed in each side of the stock mid-pipe. It is a bolt-on that can be performed by most and the stock mid-pipe can also be reinstated if needed.

This system provides the maximum flow available and restores the sports car growl expected from a BMW M-Series car.

Active Autowerke is able to improve on the factory mid-pipe by mixing the sounds earlier and for a longer period creating a deeper tone to the exhaust sound.

The Active Autowerke single mid-pipe system is constructed of 100% 304 brushed stainless steel and has a industry standard warranty against rust.

This latest addition to the Signature line up is a must for the true Enthusiast looking for a better sounding car to match amazing performance.



  • Durable 100% 304 Stainless Steel
  • Only single cut needed with Factory Style Flanges and clamps
  • Install to all systems that use factory style fitting
  • One year warranty
  • Replaces stock mid-pipe for better sound and flow. 


  • F97/F98 X3M/X4M 
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